Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The other night I took Jackson and Chloe to my soccer game with me. I subbed out and Jackson came looking for a drink from my water bottle. I told him that I had left it on the counter at home and hadn't had a drink during my game. "If you want a drink you can get one from the drinking fountain" I told him. Our game got over (we won) and Jackson came up to tell me I did a good job. He handed me a water bottle with a note on it "I thought you might need a drink...From: Jackson". It was so thoughtful! I took the bottle and noticed that it didn't had a lid on it. "Jackson, where did you get the bottle?" I asked. "From the garbage can, but I cleaned it out REALLY well and I put new cold water in it, have a drink Mom". "Thanks Jackson, I'll try it in a minute." I started laughing, what a sweet, thoughtful boy I have. I didn't drink from the bottle due to the fact that I'm kind of squeamish when it comes to germs. I still smile when I think about this thoughtful thing that Jackson did for me. Love you Jacks, thanks for the drink!

PaRty TiMe

Sunday evening we went over for dinner at my parents house to celebrate my birthday. It was wonderful! We also opened presents and had cupcakes. Parker got me 2 new swimsuits (yes, I picked them out) but I love that he bought them for me! He also gave me new couches in February, now I'm just waiting for them to be shipped, I'm hoping by the beginning of May! My parents got me a cookbook, necklace, shoes, and a new bike trailer/stroller so I can take my girls on bike rides with me when I go! I'm so excited for the weather to warm up so that I can ride my bike again, now with the whole family.
Thanks everyone for making this birthday year so special for me!
"Blow out the candle's on your cake and make a wish"
Thanks everyone!
I can never have too many pictures of Ella eating cupcakes
She loves them (as you can see)

Monday, March 30, 2009

PriMaRy ChiLdReNs

This morning Jackson and I went up to Primary Children's to have Jackson's yearly checkup. I always get a little nervous because I know there will be a time that we go up there for a checkup and we will be told to set a surgery date...until then we just keep praying for great checkups!!! Jackson has had 2 surgery's, one when he was 2 months and one when he was 8 months. It fixed his aorticstenosis but now they're worried about his aortic valve and mitral valve. He has had back flow and we've been told that he might have to have them replaced someday.
Jackson had an echo cardiogram and then we met with Dr. Pulchauski (we love him!). Jackson was great and the checkup couldn't have gone better. Dr.P told us that everything looked the same as it has for the past couple years. I could tell he was surprised when he told me that usually he sees this getting worse not staying the same. He turned to Jackson and said "I hope you're an old man before we have to do anything to fix you." I am so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel and that I can see my father in heaven's hand in my day to day life. I'm thankful that we have Jackson and that his checkup went great!!!

Echo cardiogram

Jackson got tokens for being good to pick out toys
this mustache was his favorite..."Charlie Chaplain"

When we got done we were starving, we hadn't had breakfast yet
so I took Jackson to Denny's where he had alien pancakes that he LOVED

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

27 YeArS oLd

I'm 27!!! My birthday was the 22nd. Parker was on a trip with the boys in Moab dirt bike riding so I went up to Pocatello to spend the weekend with Parker's parents and his sister Jenny and her kids (Jared was in Moab too). I had a relaxing, good day. Everyone made it so special, they knew I was missing Parker and it made it easier to be with so many people I love. Parker called throughout the day and I also got calls from the rest of his family and all of mine. It's so great to be remembered and feel every one's love for me! Dinner was awesome...shishkabob's and carrot cake (both some of my favorites). Jackson made me a darling card and I felt like the birthday princess all day!

Making a wish with my girls help!!!
Party time
I know, not the most flattering picture. But I was talking
to Parker and I was so happy!
Thanks Syndee for the awesome cake...cute and delicious!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sHiH tZu

This is Ella's new hair do! We call it "the Shih tzu"!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hApPy St. PatTy'S

I love St. Patrick's day. Any excuse to have fun or do something out of the ordinary is perfect for me. The Leprechaun's visited us sometime during the night and left their footprints all over the floor, on the fridge, and on the counter. They turned our milk green and left new shirts for the kids. I made green german pancakes for breakfast and we spent the day looking for Leprechaun's and pots of gold. The kids loved looking for anyone NOT wearing green and really had no problem pinching them if they weren't celebrating this festive holiday! It was a beautiful day and we got to spend lots of time outside, everything was perfect.

Green Milk!!!

FAiRy tEa PaRtY

On Saturday afternoon Chloe and I attended the "Fairy Tea Party" at the Provo City Library. It was so great to have a Mommy-Chloe day. We watched ballerina's dance, ate yummy treats, watched as all the beautiful little girls dressed as fairy's promenaded and curtsied for everyone, and enjoyed being with wonderful friends from our ward! Each girl (young and older) was given a tiara and wand, and the entire room was magical. It was one of the greatest things that Chloe and I have done just the two of us, we can't wait for next year.

Fairy Princess Chloe with a beautiful ballerina
Chloe's darling friends that enjoyed the
fairy party with us
The fairy king
Chloe kept asking if he was a real king... of course he is!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

baBy ChiCkS

Today we went over to my friend Elisha's to play. They have had 4 baby chicks for a week and they were going to a new home today, so we wanted to say goodbye. My kids loved being outside and playing with such great friends! Ella tried so hard to be soft, but she is only a year, she did the best she could and it was a good effort. Tonight when we were saying prayers before bed Chloe blessed all the chicks "treasure, jewel, sparkle, and princess". Thanks Leesh! My kids loved it!

I think she thought it was a stuffed animal,
until it started moving and peeping. Then she started
squealing in delight!
Chloe LOVED being with her friend Chloe Ann all day, she also
LOVED the chicks. She would try to hold all 4 of them, the
problem was there were 4 other kids.
Jackson's favorite part of today was playing chase
he was good at it too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We have lived in our house for 5 years. When we moved in I had a goal to paint every room in our house, even if it were only to clean up the walls. I finally accomplished that goal! Some rooms have been painted 2 or 3 times, but I finally got to the last one, my laundry room. It feels so good to know that lots of hard work, late nights, and sore arms have paid off.