Thursday, August 28, 2008


Chloe started preschool officially last Wednesday. She LoVeS it!!! She comes home singing new songs and telling me about her friends, how the boys sometimes scare the girls and about everything else she fits into 2 1/2 hours. Her teacher Miss Ann taught Jackson for 2 years and we adore her. Chloe wakes up everyday and asks if she has school. Her birthday is coming up and I can't believe how fast time is going by and how quickly my children are growing. 3 cheers for preschool!

Friday, August 22, 2008

dAtE niGhT

Parker came home Monday night and told me that he had a surprise for me. He had me set the table and while I folded clothes he cooked and grilled. He had brought home frozen food from Magleby's and cooked crab legs, and octopus (he had bought at Smith's) and also had salad and oysters. It was so good. I tried the oysters and they were ok. The octopus I was brave enough to chew but not swallow! The salad was perfect and the crab was amazing! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better he broke out the Magleby's chocolate cake!!! Yum! It was such a special night and so out of the ordinary. I am so thankful that I have such a thoughtful and romantic (not to mention sexy!!!) husband. Thanks Parker!

Chef Parker put on quite the feast!

This was half the reason that I had a hard time eatting the octopus!

Boil baby!

The water turned purple

Here's to trying new things!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ScHoOl iS iN sEsSiOn

The first day of first grade!!!
Chloe meets her preschool teacher!!!

Jackson started 1st grade yesterday! I can't believe what a big, handsome boy he is. He has been so excited to go and had asked me all week "how many more days?". Grandma came to visit last Thursdays and brought some new school clothes for Jackson and Chloe. Friday morning Jackson woke up and went to get some new clothes on. I told him that Grandma had said they were only for school, he went to his room and shut the door letting me know he wasn't coming out until he could wear a new outfit. I was thinking this was quite the punishment for me :) What other 7 year old boy do you know who loves clothes that much? Monday morning finally came for him, we had laid out his outfit, with matching shoes and watch, and he was up and ready by 7:15 (oh man was he excited). He got a new haircut for school and he was looking so good! He couldn't wipe the smile off his face!!! He loved it and after dropping him off I only cried a few tears, mostly because I was so excited and happy for him!
Jackson with his teacher Mrs. Porter

Chloe officially starts on Wednesday, but she got to go yesterday and meet her teacher Miss Ann. She was also excited to wear her new clothes and had her outfit picked out on Thursday.. a kitty shirt that says "princess" (she names EVERYTHING princess), with a kitty print skirt and pink tights. The shirt is long sleeved and it was around 100 degrees yesterday, but that wasn't going to stop her. She loved going and her favorite part is Miss Ann's kitty's, I'm hoping that's not going to be a problem for her. She can't wait for Wednesday!!!
Chloe's favorite new outfit!

Friday, August 15, 2008

We had such an amazing week! We look forward to our time together at Redfish every year. We have been to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Florida, all across the US and even some places out of the country, but this is the greatest place on earth! It is beautiful!!! But our favorite thing is being with all of Parker's family and reflecting on the memories we've made in the past and making new memories each year. We have traditions that we do every year... dinner together every night where we take turns cooking, early morning skiing, matching family sweatshirts, hiking to the lily pond and waterfall, going to the hot pots, running the amazing race, games, games, games, devotionals each night, and we might have started a new one this year... night skiing??? Larry?! We laughed, stayed up late, played hard, swam, caught minnows, sat on the beach, visited the fish hatchery, hiked, skied and surfed, ran the Amazing Race, played games, read books, went on bike rides, got dirty, ate a lot!, and we all agreed that we could have stayed longer! Thank you Syndee and Larry for all your hard work and planning to make this week every year so wonderful...we love you!

(There are tons of pictures! We had so many good ones to choose from, so hopefully it's not too overwhelming!!!)

Parker is a beautiful skier and so fun to watch! He loves

to tear it up!!!

Ella loved riding on the boat!

Paje and Jackson were never far from each other!

Chloe, Paje, Jackson, and Taylor

What cute cousins!!!

I love my girls!

Chloe was always in the water. It's not warm, so

sometimes she'd come out blue, but still smiling.

There were tons of little fish that we would catch in nets

I got really good at catching the little ones, but Jackson

took the prize! He caught this with a net!

Ella loved laying under an umbrella on the beach

The big boys went out to play sink the dock.

Larry is standing on the corner, hands on hips sinking the kids :)

Chloe practiced writing her name in the sand

We visited the hot pots where the hot water comes out

and mixes with the river water to make it a nice place to sit and relax

Chloe didn't sit and relax at the pots, but practiced her swimming

This is the famous log at Redfish. Many pictures have been taken on this log.

We're wearing our family sweatshirts that Parker and I designed this year!

Jackson and Dawson looking for the pot of gold.

It rained a couple different days we were there for just a little while.

These beautiful rainbows just added to the beauty that surrounded us

Jackson loved going on the morning ski trips with the big boys!

Parker's family!!!

We hiked to the lily pond and waterfall...such a beautiful hike.

We picked huckleberries, and looked for frogs

The waterfall!

All of the Cerva family at the lily pond're beautiful!

Jackson and Dad getting ready to run the amazing race!

Jared, Jenny, Paje, Preston, Paris, Ava, and Jack

Larry took us out night skiing one night at 11pm.

It was beautiful and the boys said the water was warmer than the air

(It was so fun, even when we thought the sheriff was chasing us)

Aunt Sheri and Ella

Ryan, Natalie, Kelton, and Taylor





Jenny with Jack, Aunt Sheri, Me with Ella at the fish hatchery.

We were excited for the kids to fish but it started raining, maybe next year.

Jenny and baby Jack

(this is my favorite outfit on him!)

Parker's brother Ryan driving the boat

His family came from Arizona and it was so fun to spend time with them

Larry taring it up!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

ReDFiSh oR BuSt!

We're off to our family reunion up in Idaho at Redfish Lake! We look forward to this every year and we're so excited to get on the road! We'll be back in a week... until then, we hope everyone is enjoying the last of summer vaction! REDFISH OR BUST!!!

So we'll post again soon... until then we will be out there in the middle of the lake water skiing, riding bikes, and just having fun! We will miss ALL of you!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ella has been eating rice cereal for a couple weeks now, but I decided that it was time to try something with a little more taste! She has tried pears and carrots and she loves them. After eating she usually takes a long nap. She also loves ice cream, but who doesn't??? She turned 6 months yesterday and is rolling all over the place, giggling, and picking up small objects and putting them in her mouth. We are having so much fun with her and are so excited about all the new things she is learning!!!