Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just a couple of pictures from our photoshoot the other day. The light was so good that we had to get our kids in front of the camera to capture it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ella's 2nd Birthday

My baby turned 2 yesterday! (January 31st) It was kind of bitter-sweet for me. I was so excited for her and of course I'm glad she's 2, but my baby is growing up! I started crying when I thought that she'll never be one again. But I spent the night before her birthday reflecting on the last two years... of course I thought of the night of February 12th when we almost lost her to RSV. We had to rush her to the hospital after she stopped breathing at home and even in the ER she almost slipped away a handful of times. I don't know what are family would do without her! I also thought about her first words, her first step, when she crawled, and now only at two years old she speaks full sentences and can say anything! She is always so sweet and loves to dress up, snuggle, carry around purses, stuffed animals, and anything girlie! She brightens the room when she walks in!

The night before her birthday Ella was up sick a lot of the night! I felt so bad as I thought of the big deal we had made of her birthday to her and the other kids, but she woke up feeling a little bit better. I made breakfast for her and we put a candle in her waffles! We sang "Happy Birthday" to her and I have never seen anyone blow out a candle that fast! She asked us over and over to sing to her, so we'd relight the candle and sing. The Happy Birthday song got REALLY fast! She would also sing along! One time (right on cue) after we had finished singing, she sneezed and her candle went out. I thought we'd all die laughing! We had a quiet day at home trying to help Ella feel better. She got a good nap and then we headed over to my parents house for a family party! She didn't want to do much, mostly she sat on mine or my Mom's lap to eat or open presents. She got a my little pony, barbie, a zuh zuh hamster, clothes, a new tutu, a purse, a tiara, and sunglasses! It was a good day!!! I wish Ella had felt better but I know she enjoyed it being her day! Happy Birthday Princess Ella!!!
Ella's Birthday Breakfast
Sticky from syrup and ready for the tub
Splish splash she was takin' a bath
Birthday dinner, Ella only ate the strawberry jello
Ella talking on her new phone (from Jackson)
Ella sat on Grammy's lap the entire time she opened presents
Yummy and cute cupcakes made by Grammy
Blow out the candles on your cake and make a wish
She LOVED her cupcake
Ella's new tutu (she wouldn't take it off)
Aunt Chelsey made Ella this darling tiara.

Matt's Endowments

Friday January 29th I got to go to the temple with my brother Matt for the first time! He took out his endowments as he is preparing to go on his mission in March! Parker couldn't get work off and it made me sad not to have him there with us, but it was still a wonderful experience!!! My parents, David, Scott and Chelsey, Grammy, Kent, Erin, Lyssa and Rees, And Mark and Pam McGuire came to share in this special night for Matt. I had such a wonderful feeling being in the temple together with so many people I love (again, it would've been better with Parker!). After we went to JCW's for burger's and shakes. It was so memorable, JCW's has MATT written all over it! I'm so grateful to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints!

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve we went to a party over at my parents house. They invited 4 families that we did a lot together growing up. 10 years ago the same families got together for a New Years Eve party at my parents house and we had done a times capsule. We each filled out a sheet of what we were doing then, the price of gas, what fashion was like, what we thought we would be doing in 10 years, what car we would be driving, and other dreams we had for ourselves. It was so fun to read what I had written. I was dating Parker and a senior in high school, I was driving my Honda accord (and thought that by now I would be driving a BMW Z3...funny), I thought that I would have around 3 kids (perfect, but I obviously didn't think out the kids and the car situation at the same time), the price of gas was $1.20, I wanted to be in my own home (did that!)... It was fun to read through. We all then filled out a new sheet for 2020 that we will get together to open in another 10 years!

My parents bought a new dance game for their wii which was the hit of the party! We took turns competing and laughing as old and young danced off. Garrett and Collin McGuire were by far the funniest and my tummy ached by the time they were done. We had a wonderful meal of homemade soup, salad, and grapefruit slush (MY FAVORITE) and later in the evening finished off with a crepe dessert bar! We rang in the new year with poppers and kisses and the kids threw confetti from the balcony! It was a night to remember!!! Thanks Mom and Dad for throwing yet again another amazing party! Welcome 2010!

Ella with uncle Matty
Parker enjoying the crepe bar!
Jackson and I after our dance off! Jackson was SO good.
Happy 2010!

Parker and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on December 29th. I can't believe how time flies!
Parker, I love being married to you! I look forward to each new day with you. I love watching you with our children, you are so kind, loving, fun, and patient with them and they love you so much!!! I am so blessed to have someone who loves me for who I am, you make me want to be a better person to everyone around me. I knew when we got married that I was so in love but I never imagined how much my love for you would grow with each passing day and through the life experiences that we have gone through together!!! I love every minute we spend together and miss you each second you're gone! I look forward to many more wonderful years together. I love you with all my heart! Happy be-lated anniversary Parker!

Christmas '09

Yes, I know it's been over a month since Christmas, but I still wanted to blog about it. We had a wonderful Christmas season this year. We went to Pocatello for 10 days. We had a daily schedual which included things like a family testimony meeting, crafts for the kids everyday, tennis with pro Dennis, movie night, Randy's gym, bowling, and so many other fun-filled activites! We loved the time that we had to spend with all of Parker's family. Caleb and Annie had come from Ohio and Ryan and Natalie came from Arizona.
Christmas morning was MAGICAL! The kids were so excited and they loved every minute. I think I was even more excited than my kids!!! I love watching their faces and enjoying the magic and the love through their eyes! We had 22 people opening presents together, it was so fun! I can't believe it's already over, but we have great memories to last all year!
Jackson playing his new DS
Ella on her roller coaster!
Chloe and her pink computer
A Baby!
Jackson you're so handsome!
Chloe gave Grandpa a new flash light (he loved it)
Parker TOTALLY surprised me with a new lense (an 85mm 1.2)
Grandma with all the grandkids!
Parker and Ryan at Randy's Gym
I love swinging Ella. She was laughing so hard!
My sweet Jackson (who tackled me)
Bowling with Grandpa
Chloe would wait for her turn spinning on the chairs
Jackson with Parker's cousin Max