Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FuN-FilLeD wEeKEnD

Last Thursday Parker left with my Dad and brothers to Phoenix to have a guys weekend. They went golfing, swimming, played tennis, and ate good food. Parker also got to see his brother Ryan. We worked hard to have fun at home too :) We had a Mommy movie night, got new Webkins, had a sleepover at Grammy's (my Mom's), made cookies, and on Saturday we went to the Zoo with my sister Megan. It was so much fun, the weather was perfect and my kids LoVeD every minute of it. We were excited to find out that one of the elephants is pregnant and due this summer. We rode the carousel and the train. Parker called us as we were leaving, he was at the airport and told us to meet them in Orem for dinner at Cafe Rio. My Mom and Chelsey met all of us there and we ate yummy food and got to hear about the guys trip. I'm glad to have Parker home! But I'm also glad that he had such an amazing time.

Cute Chloe!!!
We loved having Megan with us
Chloe and Aunt Meg
We loved the carousel! My kids could have ridden it all day.
Jackson picked the snake...totally perfect!
Ella never stopped smiling or laughing the entire ride.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

HaPpY vALeNtiNeS

Valentines Morning!!!

Happy Valentines to everyone! We had an awesome day...we started with heart waffles, whip cream and eggs for breakfast. We gave each other homemade cards and gifts and then spent the morning together. Parker had to work, so the kids and I made Valentines ALL day. It was so much fun and a great way to spend our time. We delivered Grandpa and Grammy Jackson's and mailed Grandpa and Grandma Kemp's. We've just had a fun day loving each other and being together. What a great holiday!

My matching girls
Jackson with some of the valentines that he made
Way to go kids!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

hAppY b-DaY MaTt

Today we celebrated Matt's 18th birthday! I can't believe that in a year my baby brother will be getting ready to go on a mission. He will be getting white shirts and ties for his birthday. We had an amazing day. We attended a BYU married families stake conference where my Dad was put in their new stake presidency as the second counselor. It was great to sit there with our entire family and listen to my Dad bear his testimony. My Grandpa and Grammy came down for the meeting as well and after we had dinner together, played games, had cake, and opened presents! I love Sunday's where I feel spiritually fulfilled and have a really fun day! Happy 18th Matt!!!
Matt looking like Tarzan, ready to go to a dance
at Timpview
Happy B-Day Matty!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

On Sunday we watched the Superbowl and celebrated Ella's birthday with my family. Again, she had a GrEaT time with her cake! It was gone before most of us had even started ours. It was fun to make her birthday last more than one day.

She's starting to get the "opening presents thing"
oooh cake!
She held on to her candle the whole time she was
eating her cupcake
Wow you're a mess
Bath Time!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FiRsT biRtHdaY

Ella turned one on Saturday January 31st! I can't believe how fast this last year has gone. We had such a fun day...Grandpa and Grandma Kemp stayed with us Friday night and we got up and headed to jump on it where we met Jenny and her kids. Ella loved the slides and trampolines. Jackson and Paje took turns sliding and jumping with her. We got all the kids tired and hungry before heading home for pizza and cake. Ella got some new cute clothes, a musical tea set, and a remote control pig that she can totally do herself and didn't want anyone to touch! I was a little nervous about the cake, you never know on the first birthday if your child is going to dig right in or not want to get dirty...she did not disappoint!!! We lit a candle and sang fast so she wouldn't touch it and burn herself. She looked around wondering if it was ok if she touched her cake, she dipped her finger in, tasted it and said "ummmm". She dipped her finger a couple times more, then took a small handful, then used both hands, and then was shoving cake in! By the end she was smearing cake and frosting all over her high chair and down in her seat, throwing both hands high in the air and pounding her cake. To say she LoVeD it is an understatement!!! I felt totally fulfilled and I was excited because we were celebrating the next day with my family and we'd get to do it all over again...yey!
Since turning one Ella has taken 8 steps in a row! She can say "ah, oh", "dada", "boo", "go, go, go", "baba" and we're still working on "mama". She is in a forward facing car seat and is on whole milk. She sleeps so good during her nap and at night! She is so fun to play with and adds so much joy and laughter to our family!!! Happy Birthday Ella, We Love You!!!

Jump, jump, jump
I had so much fun!
Chloe and cousin Paris in their matching "hello kitty" shirts
sliding down in sTyLe!
Jackson loves the "tramp walls"
Suckers from Grandma
Grandma and Grandpa Kemp made Ella's cake for me!
Ella's new remote control Piggy
Happy Birthday!
Oh yeah, this is good! Ummmmmm!
Way to go Ella!