Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy 26th Liz!!!

My birthday was the day before Easter this year. The weather was amazing! We went to lunch with our friends Adam and Elisha at Costa Vida and then headed for Jackson's soccer game. Kiera was there with her kids, which was fun for everyone! Her son, Isaiah, plays with Jackson. The game was awesome, and like I said before the weather was so good. Parker had work, so I dropped my kids off at my Mom's house and went to get a pedicure! It was so relaxing! I really could've fallen asleep, but unfortunately didn't. I really think I should treat myself to one a couple times a month at least :) After my pampering, I went with my parents and siblings to Magleby's for dinner so we could spend some time with Parker. It's always fun to just sit around and talk with adults.

The girls at Magleby's! Me holding Ella, my sister Megan and My Mom Ruthanne!

This last weekend Larry and Syndee (Parker's parents) and Jared and Jenny (Parker's sister and her husband) came to Provo and we celebrated AGAIN! We went to......... Magleby's! My family came as well and it was so much fun. I appreciate all the phone calls, gifts, e-mails, and other "Happy Birthdays" that I have recieved from so many people I love. I can't believe that another birthday has already come and gone.

Larry and Syndee, Jenny and Jared, Scott and Chelsey, Parker and me, Matt,
Scott and Ruthanne, and Megan!!! What a group of good lookin' people!
My mom made these adorable bunny cupcakes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

We woke up to 3 very excited, happy children! Jackson and Chloe were excited about their easter baskets and Ella, well she's just a happy baby. The easter bunny had visited, and left all sorts of goodies. The kids looked darling for church and the weather was beautiful!!! We went to my parents for dinner, Parker thought that the lamb we were having was called "pork" chops (we all got a kick out of that). We also celebrated my birthday (which was Saturday) and went on a wonderful walk. It was a beautiful day to reflect on our savior's life and resurection. It was wonderful to share it with people we love.
I posted a lot of pictures because there were too many cute ones to pick from. I just feel bad I didn't get any of Parker, sorry babe!

Jackson and Chloe LOVE to throw their arms around eachother
whenever we're taking pictures of them together! They love eachother so much!
Chloe can't get enough of Baby Ella, she's always wanting
to kiss her and love her! She thinks she's her personal doll!
I love this picture! This is the first picture of me with my new
daughter that isn't in the hospital
This is our favorite little Easter Bunny! Thanks Mom for the darling hat!
This boy of mine couldn't be any sweeter! He has such a tender heart
and is the best big brother to his little sisters!
These kids put the biggest smile on my face.
Our two BeAuTiFuL Girls!!!
I LOVE being a Mom!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Coloring Eggs

For Family night we decided to color easter eggs. I had been to target earlier in the day and picked up some dye, and some eggs. I felt that I was really prepared and excited to get started. I boiled about 18 eggs and we got started. I had picked out tye-dye for our eggs, well, Parker decided that this wasn't enough and we needed more of EVERYTHING. He headed to the store and returned with 5 different dyes, and about 4 dozen eggs. We boiled more water and started the second batch. The kids loved painting golden eggs, adding stickers, dipping them in dye, writting on them, and being together. In the end we had tye-dyed eggs, golden eggs, bug eggs, sticker eggs, glitter eggs, eggs with our names, eggs every color, and eggs on the floor. It was so much mess, and so much fun! In the end we had over 50 colored eggs and memories that will last forever!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

St. Patty's

Happy St. Patricks! When we woke up this morning we noticed that the leprechans had invaded!!! They left their footprints on our floor, counters, table, and even on the fridge! They turned our milk green (which the kids LOVED!) and left some little goodies for us. Jackson and Chloe spent all day searching for a leprechan to catch so they could get a wish and some gold. We had "leprechan" pie for dinner and enjoyed looking for people who wern't wearing green. What a fun holiday! We also took a trip up to Primary Childrens to have Jackson's yearly check up. Grandma Kemp came down and everything looked good. The Doctor told us he'd see us again next year. We always love hearing that!

Jackson getting an Echocardiogram, Jackson with Grandma Kemp, and Dr. Pulchaski listening to his heart!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

This is just an update for those of you that have missed parker's little adventures. To say that he loves his motorcycles is a huge understatement! Motorcycles are kind of like his little "release" from school and work. He rides whenever is feasibly possible and sometimes even when its not. So here are a few pictures of Parker's and Jackson's passion...

This is Parker with his Ducati 1098 (watch that drool honey)

Parker with Ducati



This is Parker with his new dirtbike, a Honda 250R Limited


This is Jackson with his new dirtbike, a Yamaha TTR50E

Jackson and dirtbike


Egg Hunt

We went to Grandpa and Grammy Greats on Saturday morning for breakfast and an early Easter Egg Hunt. The kids loved every minute of it!!! Chloe was especially excited when she found out that the plastic eggs wern't the only treasure she'd picked up! There was also candy inside- BONUS! Jackson was in it for the race, to see how many eggs he could pick up, he did an egg-cellent job!!! Ella loved being held and showing her new talent~ smiling! It was so nice to get out and do something so fun and we always love an excuse to go see Grandpa and Grammy Great!!!









The past couple days the weather has been so nice! We ALL have had spring fever. But just when you think it's around the courner the snow comes back (dang it). My kids and I have been enjoying days at the park (with a jacket of course) and getting some fresh air. We have notice people starting to come out of hybernating and looking around to see if the snow is gone in their yards. I noticed my tulips coming up~ YEY! Hopefully by the end of this month we can fully enjoy "true spring"!

10 Things I LOVE about Spring

1. The snow is gone in the valley

2. Outside activities

3. No more RSV (this is a new love for me)

4. The sound of lawn mowers and the smell of freshly cut green grass

5. The feel of the sun on my face

6. Short sleeve shirts and flip flops

7. Flowers popping up

8. Walks with my family

9. Yard work (yes, I love it)

10. Spring cleaning

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life is BeAuTIfuL

Some Reasons I Feel So Blessed...

I married the Man of my dreams
We have 3 Beautiful children
We have the gosple as the center of our home
We live in a beautiful world
I have wonderful parents and siblings
I married into a wonderful family
I am free to make my own choices
I have lots of talents
My supportive, loving friends
My healthy body
The spirit in my life
Our fabulous ward