Thursday, January 29, 2009

8th AnNiVeRsArY

On December 29th Parker and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. As I have reflected back on the time that we've known each other and been married, it's a little bit shocking what we've been through together and how we've grown. I find myself falling more in love with him everyday! He is the best husband and father, and more than I could ever ask for. I love how we compliment each other and we're both excited to try new things. We love adventure and being parents. I have loved these past 8 years and I'm looking forward to many more years together! I love you so much Parker, you are the love of my life and my best friend!

Parker and I met each other when we were 17 while attending EFY. I saw him the first night at a dance and went to talk to him, he wasn't too interested. I looked for him each day so I could show my friend Hannah who I was there with. On Wednesday we had an activity where these darling handicapped kids came to play with us and put on a performance. During their performance Hannah and I sat away from the crowd back on the grass. Parker and his friend Dwayne came and sat by us, I kept trying to catch Hannah's eye to tell her "this was the guy". Parker didn't seem to interested in me so I started talking to Dwayne. Somewhere in our conversation Dwain started teaching me french (this still bugs Parker!). We walked to a dance together. At the dance Parker only danced with me once, but Dwain danced with me lots. As we went through the week I would run into Parker all over and he was always with a new girl. I was SO jealous and figured that it just wasn't going to happen. We skipped a class one afternoon and played a game where Parker chose Hannah to be "it". Once again I was being over looked. On Friday I was eating lunch with a bunch of guys and a drink spilled, I jumped up and Parker took me over away from the group to ask if there was anyone there I liked. We went to classes together the rest of the day, but I didn't answer his question. That night we had another dance and the first dance Parker told me that he had had his eye on me all week and that he liked me. I had total butterflies! On the way back to our dorm Dwain came and hugged me goodnight, then Parker came and kissed me on the hand (oh, I thought I would faint right there). We got back to our dorm and hung out with the girls in our group until late. I remember I couldn't sleep and I got up and wrote a very detailed list of exactly what I wanted in my future husband. The next morning was time to go. I packed my bags and went out to find Parker. I saw him walking down to my dorm and I didn't want to seem overly excited or throw myself at him, so I stood back and watched him for a while. I saw my Mom and ran to her car so that he would see me. I put my bags in and he came over to see me. I told my Mom I needed a minute. Parker held my hand and walked me over to the parking lot. We exchanged numbers and then he kissed me! I was in heaven! I was hoping that he would call and he did later that day! From that day on Parker and I saw each other just about every weekend even though he lived in Pocatello and I lived in Provo. The first time I met his family was on a 10 day trip to Lake Powell, yes my parents were kind of crazy to let me go. It was SO FUN! I found out later that on the last day of EFY Parker's parents had been there early to pick him up, but he wouldn't leave until he found me. Then after he had kissed me he got back in the car where his parents and all his siblings were and he told them "I'm going to marry that girl". They all kind of teased him and told him that he'd probably never see me again. After a while he said "ok, maybe I won't marry her, but I will marry someone just like her"..... the rest is history!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SuNdAy BaKiNg

Anyone who knows us well knows that Sunday's at the Kemp house is "cooking day". Parker and I both LOVE to cook and try new things. We usually have a lot of food that we've made on Sunday's because there's a lot that we want to try and why wait until next week?!
I have always wanted to make a pie from scratch, it's been a secret desire of mine for some time, but something would always hold me back. Until Sunday! I found a recipe in the Barefoot Contessa and decided to go for it. It was really fun!!! Parker and I were the only ones awake when it was finally done cooking, it was huge! And so yummy! Parker loved it and usually isn't a huge fan of apple pie. I was so proud of myself that the next day I got out my kitchen aid and made some fabulous homemade rolls! Some of them looked like they had outty belly buttons and some looked like small loaves of bread, but they tasted amazing and I'm sure with a little more practice they will look amazing! I love trying new things!

Deep dish apple!
It was so delicious!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Christmas morning was amazing! My kids woke up so excited, I loved watching the joy in their eyes, the smiles on their faces, and the love that they had for each other! We spent Christmas with my family this year and we took turns opening presents so we could cherish this special day that we had all looked forward to for so long. Jackson and Chloe were so patient and excited for everyone else as it was their turn to open a gift. Ella was just happy with the big teddy bear my dad got her, and Jackson's new CD player that she kept finding after we'd take it away. Every time we'd help her open a gift she would let out an "excited laugh" and pounce on her gift! It was so unforgettable. I found myself sitting back and taking everything in. I can't believe how big Jackson is getting, in May he'll turn 8 and be baptised. Chloe has also grown, she was so excited with her Barbie's and littlest pet shops, she has an amazing imagination. It was Ella's first Christmas and I can't believe it's almost been a year since she was born! I loved spending another Christmas with Parker, it made me think of past Christmas' and how blessed I am to have him and my beautiful children in my life! I love them all so much!

Merry Christmas to all...

Friday, January 2, 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve!!! We ate an amazing prime rib dinner that my Mom put on. It was so relaxing to just sit and talk and have everyone excited about Christmas! After dinner we got to pop open some "poppers" that had prizes in them...Jackson and Chloe loved this. It's a tradition in our family to open a gift on Christmas Eve...pajamas! Jackson, Chloe and Ella looked darling! Parker and I got sheets instead of PJ's this year and we were so grateful! We had dessert and put our excited children to bed! We were so tired by the time we got to bed, but I have to say I was so excited. It just felt magical! I could hardly sleep waiting to see
my children...

FaMiLY pArTy

The Monday before Christmas we had a family party with my Mom's family. We had dinner, and lots of great conversation to start. Then we had a talent show, Jackson told jokes and Chloe sang Rudolph the red nose reindeer while Grandpa played his accordion. We also had belly rolling, human bagpipes, guitar playing, and a family band...what talent! It was so much fun getting together, telling stories, sharing talents, laughing, and giving gifts. Jackson got "Magic Tree House" books which he immediately began reading, and Chloe got a "Fancy Nancy" board game that she didn't put down until we got home and she needed to go to bed. It was wonderful to celebrate Christmas time with people we love!

This is my darling Grammy! She is such a special person
in my life. I love getting pictures of her with my kids. They call her Grammy Great!
Ella, Grammy, Leena, Claire, Chloe, and Libby
Parker had fun talking with the adults
Jackson's jokes were so cute, he got everyone laughing
Chloe's song was SO great!
Baby Ella and Grammy Great
I have priceless memories of my Dad playing the accordion while
I was growing up. My brother Scott and I would dance on top of his case (that
he still has) and I even use to fit inside. I love that my kids have the same chance
to build memories with my Dad!!!
My kids all looked so cute. My girls both wore these DaRliNg
matching outfits
Jackson and Chloe were so patient waiting to open their presents