Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ThE giFt Of SiGhT

For years Parker has struggled with poor vision. He'd never tell you this because it bothered him, but he'd always sit in the front of the class (which really isn't a bad thing unless he'd show up and there were only seats in the back), squint or pull the "Chinese eyes" (as I like to call them) so he could read or even see someones face from a distance. Last year he took me to Wicked in Denver and he couldn't even see it, on the road he could read street signs as he passed them, .....etc. My Dad has been telling him for years that he was missing out on life and he just needed to go in and get them checked and get contacts or glasses. Well yesterday we did one better. He got LASIK surgery! It was a long day, driving to Salt Lake and then taking care of him as his eyes were burning. One comment he made yesterday was that it wasn't worth it (because he was hurting) which made me nervous. But last night after lots of eye drops and a long nap he woke up and looked outside. The look on his face was worth a thousand words. "I can see every leaf on that tree", "I can see the street sign and that guys face from here", "I can read the things on the fridge from the dinning room", he kept saying things like this all night. It's been a real eye opener for me (honestly, no pun intended). This is honestly a miracle!!! I have watched for years as he has struggled and now he's basically been given new eyes and a chance to see this beautiful world we live on in full detail. It has made me think of the many things that I take for granted everyday. I am so thankful that I have been blessed with a healthy body and that I can see everything that our heavenly father has created for us to enjoy. I am also so thankful for modern medicine and technology, both have played a major part in day to day life, but has also saved 2 of my children's lives and has now made my husband able to see the things that he has been missing. I'm also thankful for opportunities like these that help me be more grateful and remind me of the simple things in life. I hope that these feelings that I'm having will last, I'm going to work hard on looking for the everyday miracles that are all around me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

FaLl FeStiVaL

Last night we went to the Fall Festival at Jackson's school. We all had such a great time. The kids played carnival games, got their hair done and spray painted, Chloe got her face painted with a butterfly, and Jackson got a dragon on his arm. They got balloon animals, candy, and prizes! It was such a fun family activity!!! When we got home Jackson said it was the best day of his life :) We got a sitter for the kids after and Parker and I went to a hypnotist show and then to seven twelve pizzeria. Scott, Chelsey, Matt, and Dave came over when we got home and we played games together! It was an awesome Friday night!!!

Little miss butterfly
They look so cute!
Rocker Jackson

Saturday, September 13, 2008

BiRtHdAy GiRl

The Birthday Princess!!!

Chloe turned 4 on Thursday September 11th! I can't believe my little princess is getting so big. She celebrated at school the day before and was so excited to take rice krispie treats and treat bags to all her friends. She got a birthday crown and we did her hair really curly. On her birthday we went to story time at the library, went out to lunch and Dad surprised us by getting work off!!! We went to chuck e cheese and then had cake, ice cream and presents at Grammy and Grandpa Jackson's. She was so excited!!! Today (Saturday) Grandpa and Grandma Kemp, and Uncle Jared, Aunt Jenny and their kids came for breakfast and a party. Cousin Paje stayed all day to play and they had the time of their lives. Jackson also lost his third tooth!!! What a week. Happy Birthday Chloe, we love you and hope it was the best one yet!

Chloe was so excited to open her presents and have her own special day!
Grandpa and Grammy got her this darling tutu
A new purple bike from Dad and Mom!!!
She has hardly gotten off in 3 days. We've packed it in the
car almost everywhere we go!
BeAuTiFuL gIrL!!!
Breakfast party with Grandpa and Grandma Kemp!
Check out this hole!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

ReTuRnEd WiTh HoNoR

We have been so busy the last 2 weeks with our new school schedules, Parker's work schedule and getting ready for my brother David to get home from his mission. Thursday was the day that we had been looking forward to for weeks, and it finally came! He's home! We're all so proud of him for serving such an honorable mission, and it is so good to have our entire family back together! We went out to lunch after the airport, Saturday we went boating and then got together for dinner, and today (Sunday) we went to our regional stake conference together, had dinner, played horse shoes and monopoly, went on bike and vespa rides, and celebrated David's birthday. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and to have also married into a wonderful family. "Family is life's greatest blessing!" Welcome home Dave! We're thrilled to have you home!

Waiting as patiently as we can!
Here he comes! Doesn't he look good?!
Elder Jackson!

Love you Dave!
Dad and Mom are ecstatic to have our family all together again
The boys measured to see who was taller, Dave and Scott
are about the same, but Matt is coming up fast.
Matt and David
Go Meg!!!
Welcome Home!
Our airport crew