Friday, May 7, 2010

Jackson's 9th Birthday!

Sunday May 2nd was Jackson's birthday!
I can't believe my boy is 9!!!

Dear Jackson, Happy Birthday! I can't believe you're another year older...9, wow! I am so proud of the sweet, smart, creative, wonderful boy that you are. I have been going through your scrapbooks looking at your baby pictures, I remember the night you were born and how much I loved you! I can't believe that my love for you could've grown past that moment, but each day it does. You are such a pleaser, it makes me so happy to see you being kind to your sisters and friends, people are drawn to you! I love your big heart, zest for life, infectious laugh, creativity, your brown hair and big bright eyes, how you still love to snuggle, your funny personality, the way you never give up, what a great reader you are (reading the 39 clues together), what a big helper you are, watching you play sports, playing games, and everything that makes you Jackson! I am so thankful that I am you mother and I am blessed to have you in my life! I love you, Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom